Friday, September 21, 2012

original painting still life with white cup and lemons

Lemons with White Cup, 10 x 10 inch oil on canvas panel

I know....lemons, lemons, lemons....enough with the lemons you say! Don't get all uppity, I have some plums in the kitchen.
I will tell you why I have painted so many lemons. Take a seat. It is true I use them often in my cooking, so lemons are easily accessible in my fridge for my lazy self to set up a still life. However, the other reason for this lemon mania was because sometimes I found the lemon tricky to paint. Yes I did, but not anymore! Right now I am a lemon painting pro! I think it might have been the yellow paint I used. I always had Lemon Yellow or Hansa Yellow on my palette. I replaced those with Cadmium yellow light and added Indian Yellow. These work much better for me along with my old favorite Cad yellow medium. I think the Hansa and Lemon yellow had too much blue in them. It wasn't was never was the paint all along! Ah Ha! I knew it. A Windsor Newton conspiracy.     

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