Wednesday, September 19, 2012

oil painting still life red cup with white flowers and lemon

Red Cup of Flower and Lemon, 10 x 10 inch oil on canvas panel

Love the way you paint. That's what we are working towards with this painting thing. It's a journey. Always changing. Always learning. I think that is why painting so rewarding and so frustrating.When I first started painting, about 200 years ago...OK maybe a slight exaggeration. Anyway, I was so intent on capturing my subject in realism that I would study my subject until my eyeballs would pop out. I would have to stop painting, pick them up and put them back in my head. Sound familiar fellow painters? Studying with such focus is great practice. Which then led me to want, like so many painters, to be loose. I want to paint loose, I would say, while waving my paint brush wildly in the air. Then I realized painting loose was just as intense as painting real!  So right now I am enjoying a balance between realism and looseness. A painterly realism. That's where I am now. Next year who knows? There is something about paint splatter that seems interesting. What I do know is that I can paint however I want. It's my journey. No matter where you are on yours, enjoy and love the way you paint. Has anyone seen my left eyeball......


Unknown said...

This is stunning. I am so grateful to get these email updates. It's like getting a gift. Your work is incredible. Your wit adds a great touch too. :) Deborah

Annette said...

I love this painting! I'm so glad you found your happy medium. I started painting again with great focus on detail. Trying to loosen up I am trying an impressionistic style, yet still wanting to jump into the detail. I hope one day to be enjoying that painterly realism too. It works great for you! Just curious. What size are your paintings?

Annette Weiner