Thursday, October 20, 2011

landscape oil painting with white barn

"White Barn and Wires" 12 x 12 in oil on canvas

What really attracts me about this barn is the electrical pole and wires. When you drive around aren't you amazed at the beauty of electrical wires? Hmm, OK maybe not. Unless your an artist, then I know you're  Diggin' on those poles and wires! If there are any birds on the wires, BONUS. One late afternoon/early evening, I'm in the car with my husband, it's  magic hour and the light is fantastic.I catch sight of a pole with major wire action, birds and those boxes that are attached (love those) against a beautiful sky. It was so awesome looking, took my breath away. I tried to tell him, WOW look at that! He missed it and was just a wee bit annoyed, almost crashed the car because of my "outburst". (husband's word) I had to remind him that it's my job to point these things out to him.

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