Friday, February 28, 2014

28 paintings for February.....VICTORY YAY!!!!

16 paintings posted + these 12 = 28
I will post these individually starting tomorrow.
I challenged an artist friend to paint with me, 28 paintings for the month of February. I suggested we make it a competition and loser buys dinner. After very little thought my friend Artie said, Absolutely Carrie, I would like nothing more then for you to treat me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants! I could see the visions in his head of steaks, rack of lamb, lobster, a little foie gras perhaps....Yeah OK...In his mind maybe. I knew there was no way I would lose a competition that was my idea. Really? My idea dude, I'm not losing....and neither did he. We both met our challenge of 28 paintings. Someone needs to buy us dinner damn it!    

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artieandersen said...

Beautiful work. Good job