Friday, March 11, 2011

Still Life Painting with Water Bottle and Apple

"Natures Bounty" 6x6 oil on canvas panel

Last week I set up a still life for my students to paint. It was a water bottle and an apple. They would have none of it! They revolted, put up a fight, some tantrums, kicking and screaming, it was mayhem I tell you. What is it with students these days? Where's the respect? Where is the "Yes Master, that is a lovely still life." (I call them grasshopper and they call me master, you know like the  Kung Fu show from the 70's) Well , of course they got their way and I removed the water bottle and gave them a pretty white pitcher. They always win. I always give in to their antics!  :)

I painted the water bottle in hopes that they will see that the water bottle is really as nice and maybe more interesting then the pretty white pitcher. It's not so much what it is but what you see when you look at it. So I will leave you with a quote from a wonderful painter, a true master. 
"We must teach ourselves to see the beauty of the ugly, to see the beauty of the commonplace."
Charles W. Hawthorne  
That's what I think it's all about. This painting stuff!     

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Debbie Shirley said...

Nice job - I like the water bottle! ;-)
Great quote, too - very much my philosophy as well...