Saturday, July 10, 2010

Landscape with White House and Laundry No.2

After my post on 6/30 one of my students asked me about painting the same scene over again and how they can be different depending on how you paint it, the weather/atmosphere, time of day and time of year, how you edit and how you feel. I know the longer I spend on a painting the more I see. There are many variables that can affect the result of a painting, some of which I'm sure I did not mention and of course there is that  "Oh my...I forgot how to paint !" issue. :) The painting above took me about 2 hours to complete and I have been painting consistently for months. The painting on the bottom took no more then an hour, if that and I was only painting once a week or so. I used the same reference photo but they are very different. 

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brittani xo said...

I really really like these, the top one is my favorite!